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Minjerribah Ganaba Education & Training is a branch of The Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC). QYAC was incorporated under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (Cth).  In 2011 it was determined by the Federal Court to be the Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) (NTA) to act as agent for the Quandamooka native title holders. 

Later in 2011, the QYAC was registered as the Registered Native Title Body Corporate (RNTBC) and performs the functions set out in the NTA. This includes managing the native title rights and interests of the Quandamooka people as recognised in the Federal Court determinations of   4 July 2011, Delaney v State of Queensland [2011] FCA 741.

QYAC has approximately 700 members and has the largest membership of all RNTBC’s/PBC’s in Australia. QYAC is also a registered Cultural Heritage Body under the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 (Qld). It is responsible for cultural heritage management across the Quandamooka estate.

Quandamooka territory, known as ‘Country’, comprises the waters and lands of and around Moorgumpin (Moreton Island), Minjerribah, the Southern Moreton Bay islands and South Stradbroke Island. It includes the mainland from the mouth of the Brisbane River, Wynnum, Chandler, Lytton, Belmont, Tingalpa, south to Cleveland, to the Logan River. Quandamooka Country crosses the boundaries of four Queensland local governments.

The Minjerribah Ganaba Education & Training Centre will deliver a suite of education and training services in Quandamooka country to the Minjerribah community. Our goal is to improve the accessibility of education & training services to our community and to build understanding, respect for and recognition of Quandamooka custodianship, language and culture. As part of the Queensland Government’s Economic Transition strategy, Minjerribah Ganaba Education & Training Centre will service the residents of Minjerribah for years to come. To see our most recent workshops, courses or initiatives; check out our latest news page.

Minjerribah Ganaba Training & Education

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