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Sandra Delaney

Sandra Delaney is a Nunagal, Goenbal Ngugi woman. As part of the Department of Communications and the Arts’ Indigenous Languages and Arts Program Aunty Sandra is engaged as the Senior Program Officer, and a Language and Cultural Consultant for the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC). Sandra is currently involved in Jandai language research and teaching to support the reclamation of Jandai and Gower language on country.

Sandra Delaney completed a Graduate Diploma of Intercultural & Aboriginal Studies (1994) at Edith Cowan University, WA and a Master of Arts (Aboriginal Studies) at the University of South Australia in 1996. Sandra has worked on Jandai language reclamation for many years. She has served as community language consultant on Jandai language with various community projects and has been consulted about numerous place-naming initiatives and other Jandai naming activity. Sandra works closely with members of the Quandamooka community to reclaim the language from historical materials and to develop the language for use in a range of contemporary contexts.

In 1993, Sandra was an original member of the Jandai Aboriginal Corporation. In 1995, Sandra produced a Jandai language poster with Quandamooka women and children focussing on body parts. Sandra also worked with Minjerribah-Moorgumpin Elders In Council members and linguist Colleen Hattersley to assist and provide advice for the Jandai Language Dictionary (2011).

Sandra is also a senior artist and author and has published several books on Quandamooka culture. Recently she published and illustrated two language teaching books for children in 2018.

Sandra Delaney has been an active member of the Quandamooka community and been a member of a number of community organisations for many years. As a member of the Quandamooka community, Sandra works hard to contribute as much as possible in order to reclaim the Jandai language.

Sandra is also Chairperson of Saltwater Murris Aboriginal Art Gallery on Minjerribah and encourages artists to use Jandai language in their stories as ‘our stories, our language, it is who we are as a people’.

Check out Aunty Sandra’s Language Guide here.

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