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​To support Year 12 graduates into work, the Queensland Government offers free tafe in high priority areas.

If you are getting ready to graduate Year 12 in 2018 or finished school in 2017, you can kick-start your career by getting the skills employers want without the fees.

Eligible Year 12 graduates ​must enrol and start training in a high priority qualification within the calendar year after leaving school to take advantage of this great opportunity.​

Am​ I eligible?​

To be eligible for free tafe, you must:

  • have completed Year 12 in Queensland and hold a Senior Statement issued by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority or equivalent certification​
  • enrol and start an apprenticeship, traineeship or training with an approved training provider​ in a high priority qualification by 31 December the year after graduating (e.g. 2017 graduates have to start by 31 December 2018)
  • permanently reside in Queensland.

Eligibi​lity rules also apply.​

Steps to​ access free tafe​

Follow these steps to access free tafe for Year 12 graduates.

Step 1: Thin​k about your options

Think about what you want to study, what you’re good at, what you care about and what you enjoy.

Ask people about careers that interest you.

Seek career planning and advice to narrow your choices.​

Step 2: Find a quali​fication​

There are nearly 160 qualifications to choose from. Some qualifications are delivered on campus or as part of an apprenticeship or traineeship.

If your qualification is delivered via an apprenticeship or traineeship, you will need to find an employer. It could be a business or group training organisation that places you with businesses. See what’s involved on the Apprenticeships Info website

Step 3: Ch​​o​os​e ​​where to study

Like your study choice, choosing the right training provider requires research.

On the Queensland Skills Gateway, enter your chosen qualification name in the Keyword field

When you are presented with a list of results, click on the ‘View Providers’ icon.

You can then contact these providers directly for more information, including course details and how to enrol.


For apprenticeships and traineeships, follow the steps to get started​ on the Apprenticeships Info website.​

Wha​t’s free?

Free means the Queensland Government will cover the full cost of training in a high priority qualification, so eligible students don’t contribute to training fees.

Students may incur related costs, however, such as uniform and resource costs for apprentices and trainees.

More inf​​​​ormation

Rea​d frequently asked questions.

Learn more about the eligibi​lity rules for free tafe for Year 12 graduates.

Call our Training Queensland team on 1300 369 935 or email us at​.​


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